Consultancy and special interests

Phoenix has conducted consultancy and research and developed areas of specific expertise.
  • Several projects developing resource materials on the social and learning outcomes of ear disease. For example, see
  • Research and develop resources on cross-cultural management for Commonwealth Department of Health and Community Services.
  • Development of remote cross cultural orientation and teamwork resource for the NT Government Agency.
  • Development of Website on Occupational Issues of Indigenous Hearing loss in conjunction with the Human Services Training and Advisory Council of the Northern Territory.
  • Review of New Zealand aid program to the health system of Tokelau ( a small remote pacific island nation ) for NZAID and subsequently developing an implementation plan for health system of Tokelau.
  • Development of training package for NT Juvenile Diversion Unit for service providers working with teenagers involved in antisocial behaviour
  • Review of Aged Care Services conducted for a remote health agency.
  • Research feasibility of establishment of an Indigenous Education Board in remote region.
  • Developing support materials for teachers returning from bush communities for Australian Education Union.
  • Developing materials for website for Royal College of General Practitioners to support GP orientation to working in remote communities.
  • Developing team development materials for cross-cultural, multi- disciplinary health teams working in remote areas for the Centre for Remote Health and the NT Remote Workforce Agency.
  • Evaluation of the Commonwealth funded disability support services in the Northern Territory over a five-year period.
  • Consultancy to examine need for and model for a mental health disability employment service in Darwin.

Internet Sites

Educational, social and occupational outcomes of Hearing Loss