App - Self Compassion Photo Meditation app

This app helps develop self compassion though structuring meditation using photos from your smart phone or tablet. - link to

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Using this app

Select photos of people you care about and one of yourself. select the expressions you wish focus on - be careful you are in the right expressions section. There is one for adding new expressions and one for choosing the specific expressions for a particular meditation. Set the timers - one for how long on each slide, one for how long the meditation will run overall.

Privacy policy - no individual information is collected by those using this app.

Ideas for using meditation app

1) If you want to focus on expressing compassion mainly on yourself rather than others, put yourself in several or even all of the ‘people’ selected.

2) If you wish to focus on compassion for your physical well being you can take pictures or select pictures of parts of your body and select an appropriate expression. For example ‘may my knee be pain free’ ‘may my knee be comfortable’‘may my knee be relaxed’. Try including in your selection a person who you respect and admire. For example when I had some back pain I included the Dalai lama in the sequence. The focus on him being ‘pain free, comfortable, relaxed’ seemed to enhance the validity of the wish for my physical well being and give emphasis to our shared humanity.

3) Consider selecting a group of people you admire greatly as a meditation. For example I selected photos from the net a group of teachers meditating - the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn etc and for myself a selfie of myself meditating. This was a lovely inspiration and encouragement to meditate as well as fostering a sense of connection with others of the joys of meditating.

4) You can consider using the app to help with motivation towards some goal. For example, to be healthy with expressions such as ‘eat healthy food, exercise regularly, go to bed at a reasonable time. Again select some people who you think of as role models in what you are seeking to achieve and include them. Their inclusion should help inspire you to the things you aspire to.

5) You can include quite abstract concepts through judicious selection of photos and expressions - ‘may everyone in my town be happy’ ‘may all dogs be safe’ ‘may the environment be protected’.


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